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Pool Openings:

Opening technicians will remove the winter cover, start-up your equipment and get the pool system primed, noting any necessary repairs. We have different pool opening options to fit different needs:

  • Economy Opening – The economy pool opening is our basic in-ground pool opening for auto cover customers or customers who remove their own winter cover.
  • Economy with Chemicals – This is our most popular opening. Tailored for in-ground auto cover swimming pools or for customers who remove their own winter cover.
  • Basic Opening – The basic opening is tailored for safety cover pools.
  • Special Opening – The special opening is tailored for safety cover pools, and includes special treatment for your winter cover. Our technicians powerwash your winter cover before folding and bagging it. We also treat the covers with BioGuard’s Stow-Away.

For first-time customers or those who haven’t used our services in three years or more, please start here:

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