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Prepare Your In-Ground Swimming Pool To Be Winterized

Want the best chance to open your pool in the spring with clear water and minimal work? Try these tips from the Pool Pros at Caribbean to prepare your pool to be winterized.

Improve your chances to open clear in the spring

  • Vacuum out all debris and remove all leaves
  • Balance water: free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and remove metals
  • Chemically clean your filter
  • Fix any known issues so you’re ready for spring
  • Do not install winter cover before the pool is winterized
  • Keep pool/spa equipment running 24/7 to filter and circulate the water. This will help keep the water clear and if outside temperatures drop below 40°F the circulating water will prevent freeze damage

Before Caribbean Pools arrives to close your pool 

  • Have garden hose outside and have the water turned on
  • Have power to the equipment
  • Have all other supplies such as plugs and gizmos together with the winter cover
  • Remove automatic cleaner and store as per directions in the owners manual
  • Remove solar cover
  • If applicable, have winter cover and water bags outside near the pool/spa area
  • Throw out any used chlorinator cartridges
  • Make sure water is pumped off auto covers
  • Pools with tile at waterline must be drained 1 ft. below the bottom of the tile line.

Haven’t scheduled your closing yet?

Print the closing checklist






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