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Preparing for Your Pool Opening 

If you’re a homeowner with a pool, there’s nothing quite like the day that you take the cover off and prepare to dive into the days of summer. Every year, we know that homeowners and their families yearn for this moment! Unfortunately, opening a pool is a bigger process than just removing the cover! At Caribbean Pools, we can help you get your pool ready for the summer season. Call us today for all of the pool opening services you need! Here are some tips for preparing for your pool opening–

When to Schedule Your Pool Opening

The first thing to think about is the date that you’ll open your pool. Of course, weather plays a major factor in the right week/day of the year to take the cover off. In addition to weather, consider that making an appointment for pool opening services well in advance is important, as most pool companies (our own included!) book up fast as soon as the temperatures start to warm. Additionally, if you’re planning a pool party, be sure to open your pool at least a week before! If you don’t, there’s no guarantee that pool equipment will be functioning properly by party day.

Get Ready

Once your pool opening day is scheduled, the second thing to do is to get everything that you’ll need to open your pool ready and organized. Any pool equipment should be kept in close proximity to the pool, and chemicals should be easily accessible (but safely stored until they’re needed). It’s also important to remove your pool cover and make sure that the water level within your pool is at operating level.

Don’t Try to Do it Yourself

One mistake that some pool owners make–especially those who only recently installed a pool–is trying to handle a pool opening and other pool maintenance solo. Not only is opening a pool and maintaining and cleaning it a big responsibility, but mistakes and errors can even be dangerous, especially when it comes to chemicals. It’s always smart to use a trusted pool contractor in Indiana for all of your pool servicing needs, including opening a pool for the first time of the season.

Call Caribbean Pools Today

At Caribbean Pools, we are passionate about helping homeowners like you enjoy their pools in a way that’s safe. If you’re thinking about opening your pool for the season, be sure to call us. Remember that it’s smart to make an appointment in advance, not to expect your pool to be usable the day of opening, to have the pool ready for service upon our arrival, and to use a professional for all pool maintenance. To learn more about the team at Caribbean Pools, call us directly today or send us a message online.




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