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BioGuard SaltScapes pH Reducer (8 LB)

BioGuard SaltScapes pH Reducer (8 LB)


  • Combats high pH that results from the saltwater to chlorine conversion process
  • Use to lower pH to ideal range of 7.2-7.6
  • Protects pool surfaces and equipment from damage due to high pH



  • Corrects high pH to protect surfaces and equipment
  • Safer to store and handle than liquid muriatic acid

What it does:

The process your cell uses to convert salt into chlorine contributes to higher pH every time your cell runs. SaltScapes pH Reducer protects your surfaces and equipment by lowering pH to the ideal range.

When/Why does ALEX recommend:

For saltwater pools with high pH or high TA.

Application Instructions:

  1. Broadcast into the deep end with the pump running. Brush up any undissolved product.
  2. Circulate 2 hours, then re-test pH. Adjust as needed.

Product notes: Do not apply more than 1.5 lbs. per 10,000 gallons at one time.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz

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