BioGuard Strip Kwik (1 QT)

BioGuard Strip Kwik (1 QT)


BioGuard Strip Kwik is an effective degreaser that unclogs your sand, cartridge and DE filter, restoring it to optimal efficiency. Its patented formula quickly cuts through the thickest oil, grease, dirt, and other contaminant buildup on your filter elements to greatly extend its lifespan, saving you money over the course of the pool season. Strip Kwik also is able to clean your filter in about an hour instead of overnight soaking like its competitors. Best of all, this product is made right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality, allowing you to buy with confidence.



  • Removes grease and oil from filters
  • Keeps filter working at optimum performance
  • Recommended for sand and cartridge filters

What it does:

BioGuard Strip-Kwik® removes oil and grease from any type filter. Proper filtration and chemical treatment are equally important in maintaining good swimming pool water. Body oils and suntan lotions, which collect in the pool filter, reduce the filter’s efficiency. Use of this product promotes better filtration, lengthens filter cycles, and reduces maintenance costs. This product should be used twice each season for residential pools and every six weeks in heavily-used pools and commercial pools.

When/Why does ALEX recommend:

As part of the filter cleaning treatment after clearing cloudy water.

As part of the filter cleaning treatment for multiple problems (algae, staining, cloudy water, etc.)

If the filter has not been cleaned in 6 weeks according to the analysis history.

Application instructions:

For scale removal on any filter, you must use Strip Kwik first to remove greases and oils. Then follow label instructions for use of Kleen It.

D.E. or cartridge filter:

  1. Turn pump off.
  2. Remove elements or cartridge from filter and rinse off loose debris.
  3. Using a clean spray bottle with full strength product, evenly coat the filter.
  4. Wait 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with a garden hose for 5 minutes.
  5. Mix 1 qt. Strip Kwik per 3 quarts of water in a clean bucket and soak elements or cartridge for 1 hour. Then rinse thoroughly with a garden hose.
  6. Replace in filter element.

Sand filter:

  1. Remove any chlorine product from the skimmer prior to product application. If the pool is equipped with a chemical feeder (chlorinator or brominator) this device should be turned off by closing the inlet valve prior to product application.
  2. Backwash filter thoroughly, then turn off pump.
  3. Determine amount of product to use by referring to the chart on the label of the product and pour the appropriate amount of Strip Kwik through skimmer.
  4. Place filter valve in Backwash position.
  5. Turn pump on until it primes and Strip Kwik moves into filter.
  6. Turn off pump and close valves.
  7. Let soak for 1 hour.
  8. Place filter valve in Backwash position and backwash until discharge turns from purple to clear.

Maintenance dose for sand filters:

Strip Kwik can be used at every backwash to prevent the buildup of grease and oil. Remove any chlorine product from the skimmer. If the pool is using a chlorinator or brominator, turn it off by closing the inlet valve before adding product. While the filter is backwashing, add 8 oz. of Strip Kwik directly to the skimmer. Do not allow it to return to the pool. Continue to backwash until the waste water is clear.

NOTE: Avoid physical contact with product. Follow safety information on label instructions. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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