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Nordic Encore MS

Nordic Encore MS

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With seating for six, including our no-float lounger, the Encore™ relaxes tense areas of the body with powerful, invigorating hydrotherapy. In addition to jets targeting specific parts of the body, Nordic’s DTS™ offers gentler, whirlpool therapy for your whole body. Barrier-free seating combined with high-flow turbo jets create an encompassing massage for your full body massage experience.

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The Encore™ Modern Series model brings hydrotherapy to the next level.

Our DTS™ whole-body therapy helps your body release lactic acid from your muscles, which increases oxygen flow and allows for faster healing. Nordic’s DTS™ also offers a significant advantage over other spas that have only targeted hydrotherapy. If you are shopping for a hot tub, be sure you are getting the “whole” story.

Experience a sanctuary of pleasure, relaxation, and healing…experience Nordic’s Encore™ MS today!

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Seating 6 person
Dimensions 84 in. x 84 in. (213 cm x 213 cm)
Depth 35 in. (89 cm)
Weight (dry) Approx. 475 lbs. (215 kg)
Operating Capacity Approx. 330 gal. (1249 L)
Total Jet Package 32
Turbo / Whirlpool Jets 1
Foot / Leg Jets 3
Ozonator Ready Jets 1
Heater 1kw on 110v / 4kw on 220v
Drain System Yes
Air Controls 4
Control Pad Solid State Programmable
Insulation Standard 2 lbs.
Nordic Wrap™ Optional (click to learn more)
Filter EZ Top Load
Light Sidewall LED Standard,
Northern Lighting Package Optional
Volts 110 V / 220 V
Amps 20 amps / 40 amps
Pump (2 Speed 1 (1.5 hp)
Bluetooth Stereo System Optional Upgrade


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Weight 475 oz
Dimensions 84 × 84 × 35 in

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