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Inground Pool Closings

Inground Pool Closings


Basic closing package (blow n’ go) starts at $450.00 and includes:

– Start the system & note any leaks for repairs

– Skimmer line(s) blown & plugged with gizzmos

– Pool return line(s) blown & plugged

– Bottom drain blown & airlocked

– Remove/dispose of CHL / Frog cartridge

– Shut-off gas valve(s) for pool heater

– All timers turned off & remove on / off switches

– Automation/breakers/power to smart pumps off

– Drain filter (restarted plug on DE / Cart filters)

– Heater drained & blown out

– Remove equipment plugs/gauges

– Remove eyeballs/escutcheon

Add-on additional services as needed to customize your pool closing to fit your needs.

Click to view the closing checklist

Pricing does not include closing supplies. Gizzmos and plugs are expected to be accessible at the time of the closing but can be purchased if needed during the closing.

Please call: 219-322-8550 to schedule a pool closing.

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