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Special In-Ground Swimming Pool Opening

Special In-Ground Swimming Pool Opening


The special pool opening is tailored for the safety cover pool owner. Opening Technicians will remove the winter cover, start-up your equipment and get the pool system primed, noting any necessary repairs. In addition, our technicians will powerwash your winter cover before folding it and bagging. We treat the covers with BioGuard’s Stow-Away. They will also add an initial dose of shock and a quart of algaecide.

Special Pool Opening Includes

  • Removal of winter plugs & gizzmos
  • Installation of ladders & handrails
  • Start-up & inspection of equipment
  • Notification of any necessary repairs
  • Add an initial dose of chlorine & algaecide
  • Removal of winter cover
  • Pressure wash winter cover
  • Fold & treat with Stow-Away

Please note: Once your order has been processed, a member of our customer service staff will be in contact with you to schedule a specific day for service.

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