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Signs You Need to Replace Your Pool Pump

Your inground pool’s pump has an important job – to keep your water circulating to be filtered, chemically treated and heated. Your pump is also in charge of moving water through any features that you may have, such as waterfalls or fountains. Maintaining your pool pump is a top priority as part of your equipment upkeep.

Here we look at signs that you may need to address your pool pump soon: 

Spits and Bubbles: As your pump is at the heart of your pool’s circulation system, if you see that it is making bubbles or spitting water that may be an indication that there is an air leak. Check your pump to see if it is filtering your water properly and that your water is clear.

Abrupt stops: If you notice that your pump is stopping suddenly, then you might have a clog or there might be a problem with your pump overheating. This might be an easy fix of clearing a blockage, or you might need to replace a fan or other parts.

Years of use: Obviously, an older pump is something to watch just because of its age. Typically, pool pumps last anywhere from eight to 12 years.

More debris: If your pool’s pump is not pulling water through the filter, it may have lost its suction. This can cause your filter to not work effectively and can lead to more bugs and leaves floating around your pool.

Leaks: Any leaking is a sign that you need a new pump. A cracked casing or shaft seal can be a tough repair. If the impeller (rotating device inside the motor)  is worn down, that is also difficult and a new pump will be a better option.

Noises: You typically do not know that your pump is working as it is almost white noise in the background. If new, loud or strange noises start to emit from your pump, the impeller may be clogged or worn out. 

Unusual water levels: If you start to see that your pool water level is not the norm, that can be an indicator that you need to replace your pump. If the water is not circulating properly, it can evaporate quickly or there can be leaks from the pipes.

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