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Steps to Closing a Pool This Fall

As the swimming season winds down, it is time to start thinking ahead about what needs to be completed to close your inground pool properly for the cold days ahead. Here are key items on your to-do list to help preserve your pool water and get ready for the next season.

  1. When to winterize: In order to have your best pool water next year, it is important to time the closing of your pool based on the temperature vs. an arbitrary date. You can help keep algae from growing by waiting to shut down for the season when it is consistently cooler. Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas can help you determine the timing of your pool closure.
  2. Deep cleaning: Take the time to really clean your pool well at the end of the season just like you did at the beginning. This will help remove debris and items that could change your water over the winter. Scrub the surfaces with your pool brush as well as vacuum. 
  3. Chemical balance: As you are winding down the season, really begin to watch your water chemistry, so that you can work on balancing it as you head to putting on your pool’s cover. Give yourself the time to work out any water kinks that may be around in your chemistry. Our team can test your water and analyze it for you as well as offer suggestions on what needs to be down next. Add your winterizing chemicals before everything gets shut down.
  4. Water level: Depending on your particular inground pool and winter cover, you may need to drain some of your water to help prevent freeze damage and possible overflow.
  5. Wash debris out: In order to keep debris and unseen bacteria out of your filter, make sure you backwash and clean your filter and pump. 
  6. Take out your accessories: It is time to remove any equipment and items that need to be stored for the winter. Take a good look for any issues to have them repaired in the off-season. We offer repair services if you need help with any components of your equipment. 
  7. Close it up: When your pool is clean, the water is leveled out and all of your equipment and items are stored, it is time to put on your winter cover and officially close your inground pool for the season.
  8. Stock up: The end of the season is also a great time to check out all of your pool toys and discard any damaged items while purchasing any new toys on sale for the next year. 

Our Team Can Take on Your Closing

If you get stuck or would like to hand off the chore of closing your pool, reach out to our Caribbean crew to discuss our pool closing services. We can discuss our services anytime through our online contact form




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