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The Basics of Pool Chemical Safety

Having an inground pool on your property is a pretty amazing luxury that can offer comfort, convenience, and fun all summer long. But maintaining a pool is also a lot of work and requires adherence to a strict cleaning and maintenance schedule. For pool owners, understanding the basics of pool chemical safety is a must; chemical errors can be inconvenient, costly, and even dangerous. At Caribbean Pools, our team is available to guide you through the basics of pool chemical safety and handle all of your pool cleaning, maintenance, and chemical needs, too. Reach us today to learn more.

What Do Pool Chemicals Do?

The chemicals that are applied to a pool on a regular basis serve a very specific purpose: to maintain pool water quality. While it may make you cringe a bit to think about, a swimming pool can be a hotspot for dirt, grime, and bacteria–a type of communal bathtub that requires thorough cleaning and attention. Pool chemicals help to keep things clean and safe by killing dangerous pathogens that can lead to unpleasant side effects, ranging from gastrointestinal complications to skin rashes. Other chemicals that are applied help to maintain the pH of the water so that the other chemicals and disinfectants are effective.

Pool Chemical Safety: What You Need to Know

As the owner of a pool, it is incredibly important to understand that pool chemicals are 100 percent necessary, but also that pool chemicals errors can be dangerous. Not putting in chemicals or not putting in enough chemicals could lead to the proliferation of pathogens that cause disease and health complications. On the flip side, putting in too many chemicals, the wrong chemicals, or the wrong amount of chemicals in proportion to one another can lead to chemical injuries and chemical poisoning. For example, if chlorine or pH levels exceed set limits, inhalation of vapors and gases can lead to poisoning.

Maintaining the Correct Chemical Levels

In order to maintain pool chemicals at a level that is safe and effective, it is critical to monitor levels on a regular basis. In addition to monitoring chemical levels, hiring a professional team for pool cleaning and chemical application is strongly recommended. In addition to paying attention to what goes into your pool, appropriate storage of pool chemicals is also critical; improper storage could lead to accidental exposure, ingestion, or contamination.

Call Our Team Directly Today

For all of your pool chemical safety and maintenance needs, call the team at Caribbean Pools. We have been specializing in pool chemical safety for decades and understand best practices for keeping everyone safe and well. To learn more, please send our team a message or call us directly at your convenience.




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