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Tips for Removing Pool Surface Stains

As your pool ages, you can expect to see problems pop up, including surface stains that are discoloring the walls or floor of your inground pool. Stains can be caused by organic or metal materials and depending on which, there are steps to take to get your pool clean again. Follow our guide to identifying and removing stains for a clean and clear surface.

Organic Issues

Stains that are organic are caused by leaves, berries, dirt, algae, and other types of debris that have left behind traces of the material. Organic stains are often green, brown, red, or blue. Obviously, the green and brown stains can be caused by decaying leaves that have settled into your pool’s surface. Wild berries carried by birds can leave behind a red or blue stain.

If you believe that the stain is organic, test it by applying a small amount of chlorine to the soiled area, and if it is coming out, then it is organic-based. If you have a few areas of the pool with organic stains, then it is a good idea to shock your pool as well as scrub the areas gently with a proper pool brush tool. Make sure to run your pool pump for a minimum of 8 hours to help circulate the additional chlorine as well as scrub the areas again. You may need to repeat the process if the stains are not coming out. 

Metal Woes

Stains that are spurred by metal are often red-brown, purple-black, or blue-green. Different metals are behind the different colors. If you have well water, then iron can cause red-brown stains in your pool. Manganese is also often in well water, and it can create purple-black stains. Copper can create blue-green marks. To test for metal stains, apply ascorbic acid – the powder form of Vitamin C – to the area to see if it helps. 

If you believe that it is a metal-based stain, you need to have a professional check on the chemistry of your water to determine which metal is behind the issue and what product to purchase to remove it. Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas can test your pool water at our locations and give you a breakdown of what is going on with your water. 

Maintenance Helps Keep Stains Out

You can help prevent stains from building up by maintaining your pool as consistently as possible. Test your pool’s water regularly to ensure that the chemistry is what it should be, and add the correct chemicals. Remove leaves and other debris, as well as run your pool filter to help circulate your water. Vacuum and clean your walls and keep an eye out for small stains. We offer maintenance packages if you need assistance keeping your pool clean and clear. Contact our team with questions through our online contact form




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