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Types of Pool Chemicals and Their Importance 

The chemistry behind taking care of your pool water is reminiscent of a science fair project! There are definitely elements of science and chemistry to maintaining the proper balance for your pool water and keeping it clear and healthy all swimming season long.

We dive into the chemicals that keep your pool water at its best. Balanced water will feel good to the touch – almost silky, smell neutral and not of strong chlorine and be clear. 

Chlorine: The staple chemical of pool water balancing, chlorine is a sanitizer that will eliminate algae and undesirable contaminants that can create discoloring of your water and more. Chlorine continues to be the top sanitizer used to keep water in ideal conditions to swim in and have a great summer of swimming. The other chemicals that you add to your pool all play a supporting role to allow chlorine to do its job every day for your pool water.

Cyanuric Acid: This chemical helps chlorine stick around to perform its job as chlorine tends to break down in strong sunlight. Cyanuric Acid is a pool stabilizer that helps maintain your pool’s chlorine levels. It is a delicate balance as you need not too much cyanuric acid and not too little. 

pH Increaser/Decreaser: The pH balance of your pool water is also vital to your water’s health. If other chemicals get out of whack or your water has algae, then your pool’s pH may be off and you will need to adjust it. Increasing your pool’s pH can be accomplished by using soda ash and decreasing your pH can be completed with sodium bisulfate or muriatic acid.

Alkalinity Adjusters: If your water is murky, then you may have an alkalinity issue. If it is up or down, it needs to be adjusted properly with sodium bicarbonate for a boost and muriatic acid to lower alkalinity. 

All pool chemicals should be handled with care and stored in their original containers. Keep them safely out of the reach of children and pets and try to store them in a cool and dry spot on your property. 

Get to Know Your Pool Water

Our team at Caribbean Pools & Spas can assist you with a water test if you stop by with a sample at one of our Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana locations. Our analysis will help you determine what are your next steps for your pool water chemistry and if you are unsure, we can offer guidance based on our expertise. As time goes on, you will learn more and more about the chemistry of your pool and how it can change and be treated properly. If you need additional help, our team offers maintenance plans where we will test your water, add chemicals as needed and clean your pool too. Let us know what questions you have through our online contact form today.




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