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What Pump Will Work Best With Your Pool System?

A common question that pool owners face when getting ready to replace their pool is what Pentair pump will work best for their pool system. Simply put Caribbean recommends the IntelliFlo VSF as a variable speed replacement pool pump (when applicable) and on all new construction pools.

The IntelliFlo VSF pump is rated for 220 volts only.  It can communicate with EasyTouch and IntelliTouch automation systems. It has 2″ plumbing ports but can also be used for 1.5” plumbing. Its maximum flow is 3hp. It has a lot better capabilities for programmability.  Has more torque or starting power. Pentair recommends the Intelliflo VSF pump over the Superflo VS on our new pool construction equipment. I would recommend the Intelliflo VSF on any of the pools that Caribbean Pools has built in the last 15-20 years (check the electric).  The Intelliflo VSF is about $300 more expensive.  But the Pentair Rebate is $50 more on the Intelliflo VSF.

The Superflo VS pump is rated for either 120v or 220v.   It can NOT communicate with any automation.  Its maximum flow is 1.5hp. They have 1.5″ ports and should not be used on 2″ plumbing. Pentair recommends the SuperFlo pump on retrofits system and aftermarket pump replacements that do not have automation controllers, do not have 2″ plumbing. Other things to consider are the current voltage to the pool equipment (110v or 220v) if the pool has a lot of water features and uphill priming issues. We’ve found that doesn’t take much debris in the impeller to prevent it from starting up causing it to overload and alarm out.  When the SuperFlo VS Pump is programmed to shut off, it does not turn the heater off first, which can cause a heater lockout. They will lose their clock memory, and programming if it loses power for more than 24hrs. These are all things to consider when shopping for the right replacement pump.

Both pumps may be eligible for rebates from local energy companies (see local provider for current promotions). Both pumps may be eligible for Pentair rebates (see store for current promotions)

In summary, we recommend the SuperFlo VS if the customer only has 110V to the equipment pad. Otherwise, we would recommend the IntelliFlo VSF for all other applications. You do save a little by going with the SuperFlo however you may lose compatibility and functionality.




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