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What Temperature Should Your Swimming Pool Be

The temperature of your inground pool’s water can tough to pin down depending on the weather and your pool’s equipment. Plus, how do you prefer it to be: warmer or a little cooler? The answer probably varies depending on the day, time of day and part of the swimming season. Here we look at the benefits of different water temps and how to change it either way.

A Warmer Vibe

The first jump into a warmer pool on a cooler summer evening is the absolute best! Having a heated pool is truly a wonderful way to spend summer nights and early mornings. Younger swimmers and older guests will more than likely prefer water that is at the higher end of the temperature scale for comfort. Ideally, it is recommended that your water temperature range from 77 degrees to 82 degrees. While warmer waters feel the best, they can be a better breeding ground for bacteria to grow and icky stuff that you do not want in your water!

Added benefits of a warmer pool beyond just comfort is the additional avenue to stay fit. Having a warmer pool will be a great place for swimmers to get laps in and stay fit and healthy. Warmer waters will also keep your pool’s components from being damaged by temps that are too cool. But if your water is getting too warm and you are worried about organic materials growing, then you can cool off your water. If you have waterfalls or fountains as part of your poolscape, they should be turned on to help with evaporation. You can also add shade to the areas of your pool that get direct sun. Keep on top of your water’s chemicals by testing it regularly to know if there is a breeding ground for algae to grow.

A Cooler Vibe

While a cooler pool may be your thing, it is not safe to swim in water that is too cold as it can be harmful to your body. Do not swim in temperatures of water that are under 50 degrees. It can cause shock or breathing issues. But water that is at the lower end of the comfortable temperature scale – in the mid-70s – can provide some benefits. Cooler water can boost your immune system as your body reacts to changing temperatures. Your blood circulation can also benefit from cooler water. Working out in cooler water can create an environment to burn more calories as your body will work harder to keep you warm. It can be relaxing to cool off in a chillier pool experience.

But if your water is getting too cold and needs to be warmed up, you can raise the temperature by closing your automated pool cover to help seal in warmth and adjust your pool’s heater to raise the temperature.

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