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What’s the Right Size Pool for my Family?

While many inground pool design decisions depend on style, yard layout and more, the right pool size can be determined by reviewing guidelines and considering the key ways that you will enjoy your pool. 

Family Fun

If you are seeking to add a place on your property to make memories, soak up the sun and host backyard parties, then your pool will be the spot to swim and splash around. It is typically recommended that your inground pool have a shallow and a deep end. Your deep end is especially needed if you are adding a slide or diving board. 

As far as pool size, consider the following based on how many family members you have:

Fewer than 6 people: A 16-foot by 32-foot pool size would work for you. With this size, there will be enough room to swim and relax on a floatie. Kidney, free form or bean-shaped pools work well in this size. When you have a party, always monitor your swimmers for safety and for overcrowding.

Family of 6 and more: Your inground pool size is 18 feet by 36 feet. A rectangle often works best at this size. This size pool allows for swimming, chilling and playing pool games.

Smaller backyard: No matter the size of your family, if your backyard is not that big, then you need to install a pool that is in the 14-foot to 25-foot size range. 

Laps for Exercise

If you are hoping to kick up your exercise routine or maintain your swimming lap schedule, a rectangle shape will support your habit the best. You want to swim laps in a minimum 30 feet length pool to have the best swim lanes possible. 

Design Guidance for You

At Caribbean Pools & Spas, our team can help with your layout, design and more. We begin with a consultation to discuss what you hope to have and where you want it to be. We will review your pool liner options and designs as well as deck area material. You will also need to determine what shape you want and where it will best fit into your yard to offer the best place to play. 

Your pool project will be handled totally by our team. We will take care of the process from lighting, tiling, cement, electrical work and more. The excavation and removal of dirt opens the process, and it ends with handing off your startup kit and instructions on equipment and chemicals before you jump on in.

Once your inground pool is in place, we are still available for guidance and advice. We will remain part of your pool family for years! Our specialists can help you open and close your pool, maintain it with cleaning and chemical services and be a source for pool equipment purchases. If you are ready to get started, reach out to us through our form




Family fun in the sun, since 1976!

We at Caribbean understand that this is a large investment to enhance your family’s summer. That’s why we focus on supporting your throughout the entire life of your pool. So let’s talk today about your project.

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