Nordic Crown XL

Nordic Crown XL

At 38.5 inches deep and 84 inches in diameter, the Crown XL™ Classic offers the same seating as the Warrior XL™ Classic but delivers a more powerful therapeutic experience.

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You get royal treatment in the Crown XL™!   Variable depth, barrier-free, bench seating for six people will make this round hot tub a jewel for your backyard.

Made with top quality materials and thoughtfully designed, the Crown XL™ envelops your body in cascades of healing water. In addition to classic jets targeted to specific body zones, the Crown XL™ has 2 whirlpool jets to offer a powerful whole-body, whirlpool therapy with our exclusive dual-therapy system (DTS™).

Most hot tubs provide only traditional, targeted hydrotherapy, benefiting only the back half of the body. Nordic hot tubs, with their barrier-free seating and turbo jets, will provide gentle, whole-body hot water therapy. Used by professional athletes the world over, whole-body whirlpool therapy has proven itself better at relieving tension and releasing stress stored in every area of the body.

The blend of style, versatility, and luxury in our Crown XL™ will make you feel like royalty without spending a king’s ransom!

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Seating 6 person
Dimensions 84 in. (213 cm)
Depth 38.5 in. (98 cm)
Weight (dry) Approx. 400 lbs. (181 kg)
Capacity Approx. 330 gal. (1249 L)
Total Jet Package 30
Turbo / Whirlpool Jets 2
Foot / Leg Jets 2
Air Controls 5
Ozone Ready Jets 1
Control Pad Solid Statae Programmable
Insulation Standard 2 lbs.
Nordic Wrap™ Optional (learn more)
Heater 4 kw on 220V
Light Footwell LED Standard
Mood Lighting Package Optional
Volts 220V
Amps 40 amps
Pump (2 speed) 1 (3 hp)
Bluetooth Stereo System Optional
Equipment Access Yes
Drain System Yes
Filter EZ Toploading

Additional information

Weight 400 oz
Dimensions 84 × 84 × 38.5 in

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